The Stuff Between the Vines and the Bricks

One of my favorite pictures from the bleachers, down the left field line

About Behind The Ivy:

Behind The Ivy is dedicated to honest opinions, insights, and discussion of all things to do with the Chicago Cubs for myself and any other baseball fan that stumbles across my page.

The discussion will range from the lowest levels of the minor leagues to the best players on the team and the front office and coach staff.  All things Chicago Cubs is fair game for discussion on my blog, and I encourage anybody that stumbles across the page to leave their candid (but appropriate…try to keep it PG) feedback and discussion to any and all posts.

This “about” page serves as a gateway to blog posts and archives, and as a forum for topics that offer interest to my growing readership.

About Andy, The Sole Writer for Behind the Ivy:

The Cubs are an acquired taste for me.  Growing up on Wisconsin’s east side, south of Green Bay, baseball is something I found on my own as a kid, watching the Cubs on WGN during the days when my family was not in the house.  Nobody cared about the “hometown” Brewers, mostly because they suck(ed).  As time passed, the Cubs grew into a love affair for me, as I learned the history of the team and passion of the Cubs and the best fans in baseball.  I am excited to be a Cubs’ fan, in good times and bad.  Currently, I live in Madison, WI, and get to Wrigley Field between 2-5 each season, and regardless of whether the Cubs win or lose, I love the place, even though it is admittedly much more fun when they win.  I also try to see them at Miller Park in Milwaukee just about every time they’re in town.

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