EVERYBODY PANIC! Arodys Vizcaino Has Setback

As reported by Patrick Mooney, and others, Arodys Vizcaino won’t throw a baseball for the next six weeks after having debridement surgery to remove calcium deposits by Dr. James Andrews.

A debridement is an arthroscopic, outpatient procedure to remove loose particles or to cut off bone spurs and the normal recovery time is between four and six weeks, depending on what the purpose of the debridement was.  In this case, the procedure was to remove calcium build up.  That’s not an uncommon occurrence after a major operation like Tommy John Surgery, so it’s not like Vizcaino is getting blasted with some out of the norm bad luck.  The best news to come out of this is that the ulnar collateral ligament, which was replaced last year, is undamaged.

For those who have forgotten or were unaware, the Cubs acquired Vizcaino and Jaye Chapman from the Braves in the trade that sent Paul Maholm and Reed Johnson to Atlanta at the trade deadline.  Vizcaino had Tommy John Surgery last April.  He is not expected to pitch at all for the Cubs this season.


  1. Mike

    I love how at this time last year we didn’t have Vizcaino and now we got him for basically nothing and now in the eyes of the beat reporters who cover this team for the MSM, he’s an integral part of the future. Anything we get out of Vizcaino, whether he’s a #1, a #3, a #4, long relief, set-up, closer, hell even a nice pinch runner that scores the game winning run is gravy. Maholm was on a go-nowhere team and we turned him around.

    But suddenly everyone else reporting this is all doom and gloom and immediately pointing to it as proof that the rebuild isn’t working (I’m looking at you Twittenmeyer and Mooney!)

    Kudos for keeping a level head

    • andrewwaskow

      Thanks for the kudos. I do what I can to stay level headed, and upbeat.

      I do see Arodys Vizcaino as a significant piece of the rebuild. His stuff is excellent. He will probably pitch this season in AA or AAA. I don’t think this setback is a big deal because he was unlikely to contribute much at the major league level, anyway

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