Jorge Soler’s Bat Crap Crazy Night

All of us who are on Twitter probably reacted the same way when we saw that Cubs prized international prospect Jorge Soler went nuts with a bat in Daytona last night.  I think my reaction was, “Say wha na…huh?”  I think we all had nothing but negative thoughts when we read that he assaulted an innocent dugout.  And I think we all wondered what it meant for his future.

Of course, given time, we find out that no dugouts were harmed in the making of a national news story from the Florida State League.  We found out that Soler himself feels terrible about what happened.  And we found out that (reportedly) Clearwater’s second baseman, Carlos Alonso, said something about Soler’s family.  Whether that’s true or not, I have no idea.  But when everyone who spent time with Soler this spring seems genuinely surprised it happened, I would bet there was more than “just normal back and forth at second base,” which is what Clearwater Manager, Chris Truby said about what led up to the incident.

My take is simple: I don’t have a problem with what Soler did.  That’s not to say he can charge opposing players and dugouts with a bat and beat the stuffing out of people.  He is a human being, though, and I know I’m not a mistake free member of society.  He made a mistake, and according to Theo, “Jorge is tremendously remorseful about what happened.”  That’s good enough for me.

As fans, we have an easy view on this.  I’m sure he was told by the organization that he would accept any punishment handed down.  He’s going to sit out five games.  He made A MISTAKE.  He didn’t come out of the game and complain to the media, no Gatorade coolers died last night, and no catcher is on his way out because the organization is picking sides.  He’s not Carlos Zambrano.  Heck, Big Z had to be poised and pitch well in the WBC to get a job this spring…and failed.  Jorge Soler is not Carlos Zambrano.  And questions about “make up” are premature, as well.  Keith Law tweeted it best, and I paraphrase, one incident does not change someone’s make up.

From our perspective, as far as big stories go, this should be pretty much a non-story.

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